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I am working with NFHS-4 data set. For my study i tried to merge PR, IR and MR files. I did the merging using hv024, hv001, hv002 and hvidx variables from PR file, v024, v001, v002 & v003 from IR file and mv024, mv001, mv002 & mv003 from MR file. Since, type of caste/tribe variable is not given in MR file therefore, i used the type of caste/tribe of the household's head. But after merging the values for this variable for different categories are not in line with the values given in report.

I am using table 3.1(background characteristics of respondents) to match the values.
Initially, I made the list of all the required variables and for merging I kept the variables which were common in all these three files in PR file only and those variables also which were not given in MR file. Variables like caste, BMI, type of cooking fuel and other housing characteristics were not given in MR file. So, I merged the MR and IR files with PR file. I kept only those men and women who were in 15-54 and 15-49 age groups respectively and dropped the unmatched.

Following are the list of variables that I am using from PR file:
hvidx hv001 hv002 hv005 hv009 hv010 hv011 hv012 hv013 hv024 hv025 hv027 hv028 hv201 hv214 hv215 hv216 hv217 hv226 hv239 hv241 hv242 hv252 hv270 hv271 shdistri sh34 sh36 sh39 shnfhs2 shstruc hv104 hv105 hv108 hv115 shb16s shb16d shb23s shb23d shb27s shb27d shb70 ha40 hb40

Following are the list of variables that I am using from IR file:
V001 v002 v003 v024 ha40 v463a v463b v463c v463d v463f v463g v463x v463z v481 v501 v714 v716 v717 s707 s708 s710c s710e s716 s717 s718a s718b s718c s718d s718e s718x s723a s726a s726b s726c s726d s726e s726f s726g s726h s726i
Following are the list of variables that I am using from MR file:
mv001 mv002 mv003 mv024 mv138 mv463a mv463b mv463c mv463d mv463e mv463f mv463g mv463x mv463z mv464 mv481 mv714 mv716 mv717 sm606 sm609c sm609e sm615 sm616 sm617a sm617b sm617c sm617d sm617e sm617x sm622a sm626a sm626b sm626c sm626d sm626e sm626f sm626g sm626h sm626i smb70

But after merging the values for religion(sh34), caste(sh36), marital status(hv115 ), education completed in single year(hv108 ),type of residence(hv025 ) etc. are not matching with the report. Although the total values are in line with the report but values within the categories are not matching.
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