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Dear DHS, I hope you can help me with the set of questions below relating to intimate partner violence, physical and sexual violence, and non-partner violence. I am looking to view the data for several countries.

1) Where do I see the answers to this question, when it was asked?
o (Does/did) your (last) husband ever do any of the following things to you: a) Slap you? b) Twist your arm or pull your hair? c) Push you, shake you, or throw something at you? d) Punch you with his fist or with something that could hurt you? e) Kick you, drag you or beat you up? f) Try to choke you or burn you on purpose? g) Threaten or attack you with a knife, gun, or any other weapon? h) Physically force you to have sexual intercourse with him even when you did not want to? i) Force you to perform any sexual acts you did not want to?
o I understand this is D105a-i and is only answered if V044 = 1, meaning a DV module was completed. Can you confirm?

2) Can I use the below parts of question dv06 if looking for sexual violence only?
o D105 h and i? (coming from question dv06 h and i)

3) In which column(s) do I find the answer to this question in the downloaded data in SPSS?
o For emotional violence. (Does/did) your (last) husband ever: a) Say or do something to humiliate you in front of others? b) Threaten to hurt or harm you or someone close to you? c) Insult you or make you feel bad about yourself?

-question related to 3: I see for India, part c from above question about insulting was asked based on the 2005-06 survey report. However, the questionnaire I have for the DV module only has question DV05 parts a and b, but not c. Does this mean India had a different version of the DV module done? Is this the case for other countries?

4) In which column do I find the answer to this question in the downloaded data in SPSS?
o For non-partner violence. From the time you were 15 years old, has anyone [other than your (current/last) husband] hit, slapped, kicked, or done anything else to hurt you physically?
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