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Dear Trevor,

I went through the following steps for calculation of vaccination details but the result is much much differ from the national report.

Please help me to short-out this calculation, I shall be thankful to you.

use, "IABR73FL", clear
*First generate the full vaccinated, Partial Vaccinated and not vaccinated group by each vaccine.

*for BCG
gen bcg_vac=.
replace bcg_vac=0 if (h2==.|h2==0|h2==8 |h2==9)
replace bcg_vac=1 if h2==1
replace bcg_vac=3 if (h2==2|h2==3)
label define bcg_vac 0 "not vaccinated" 1 "partial vaccinated" 3 "full vaccinated",modify
label values bcg_vac bcg_vac

*for DPT1
gen DPT1_vac=.
replace DPT1_vac=0 if (h3==.|h3==0|h3==8 |h3==9)
replace DPT1_vac=1 if h3==1
replace DPT1_vac=3 if (h3==2|h3==3)
label define DPT1_vac 0 "not vaccinated" 1 "vaccinated" 3 "full vaccinated",modify
label values DPT1_vac DPT1_vac

*for polio 1
gen polio1_vac=.
replace polio1_vac=0 if (h4==.|h4==0 |h4==8 |h4==9)
replace polio1_vac=1 if h4==1
replace polio1_vac=3 if (h4==2|h4==3)
label define polio1_vac 0 "not vaccinated" 1 "vaccinated" 3 "full vaccinated",modify
label values polio1_vac polio_vac

*for DPT2
gen DPT2_vac=.
replace DPT2_vac=0 if (h5==.|h5==0|h5==8 |h5==9)
replace DPT2_vac=1 if h5==1
replace DPT2_vac=3 if (h5==2|h5==3)
label define DPT2_vac 0 "not vaccinated" 1 "vaccinated" 3 "full vaccinated",modify
label values DPT2_vac DPT2_vac

*for polio 2
gen polio2_vac=.
replace polio2_vac=0 if (h6==.|h6==0 |h6==8 |h6==9)
replace polio2_vac=1 if h6==1
replace polio2_vac=3 if (h6==2 |h6==3)
label define polio2_vac 0 "not vaccinated" 1 "vaccinated" 3 "full vaccinated",modify
label values polio2_vac polio2_vac

*for DPT3
gen DPT3_vac=.
replace DPT3_vac=0 if (h7==.|h7==0 |h7==8 |h7==9)
replace DPT3_vac=1 if h7==1
replace DPT3_vac=3 if (h7==2|h7==3 )
label define DPT3_vac 0 "not vaccinated" 1 "vaccinated" 3 "full vaccinated",modify
label values DPT3_vac DPT3_vac

*for polio 3
gen polio3_vac=.
replace polio3_vac=0 if (h8==.|h8==0 |h8==8 |h8==9)
replace polio3_vac=1 if h8==1
replace polio3_vac=3 if (h8==2|h8==3)
label define polio3_vac 0 "not vaccinated" 1 "vaccinated" 3 "full vaccinated",modify
label values polio3_vac polio3_vac

*for measles

gen measles_vac=.
replace measles_vac=0 if (h9==.|h9==0 |h9==8 |h9==9)
replace measles_vac=1 if h9==1
replace measles_vac=3 if (h9==2|h9==3)

label define measles_vac 0 "not vaccinated" 1 "vaccinated" 3 "full vaccinated",modify
label values measles_vac measles_vac

*Combine the vaccinated (all that are vaccinated either by vaccination date on card or reported by mother)

gen vaccination_status=.
replace vaccination_status=0 if (bcg_vac==0 & measles_vac==0 & DPT1_vac==0 & polio1_vac==0 & DPT2_vac==0 & polio2_vac==0 & DPT3_vac==0 & polio3_vac==0)
replace vaccination_status=1 if (bcg_vac==1 & measles_vac==1 & DPT1_vac==1 & polio1_vac==1 & DPT2_vac==1 & polio2_vac==1 & DPT3_vac==1 | polio3_vac==1)
replace vaccination_status=3 if (bcg_vac==3 & measles_vac==3 & DPT1_vac==3 & polio1_vac==3 & DPT2_vac==3 & polio2_vac==3 & DPT3_vac==3 & polio3_vac==3)

label define vaccination_status 0 "not vaccination" 1 "partial vaccination" 3 "full vaccination", modify
label values vaccination_status vaccination_status

gen childage_vac=.
replace childage_vac=1 if b8 >= 12 & b8 <= 23
replace childage_vac=2 if b8 >=24 & b8 <=35
replace childage_vac=3 if b8 >=36
label define childage_vac 1 "12-23months" 2 "24-35months" 3 ">36above",modify
label variable childage "child age computed for immunization"

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