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Stunting and wasting calculation from BDHS-2014 IR file [message #13851] Fri, 12 January 2018 03:56 is currently offline
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I have been using the following command in STATA to calculate children's stunting, wasting and underweight.
I have used KR file.
Now, if I want to calculate child's stunting, wasting and underweight from IR file, what should
be the command in STATA?

I asked this, because, in KR file I have used hw70, hw 72, and hw71 etc such variables to calculate stunting and wasting.
But, in IR file there exist variables such as hw70_1, hw70_2, he70_3, hw70_4..and so on, as you may noticed.
Now how should be the command for calculating child stunting in total by using stata command?

Thank you in advance.


Commands I have been using in STATA on KR file.

clear all
set more off
use C:\Users\hp\Desktop\Thesis\BDKR72FL.DTA, clear

//SVY commands
gen strata=v023
gen psu=v021
gen sampwt=v005/1000000
svyset psu [pw=sampwt], strata (strata)

**child stunting calculation
codebook hw70
tab hw70 if hw70>9990,m
tab hw70 if hw70>9990, m nolabel
gen HAZ=hw70
replace HAZ=. if HAZ>=9996
//histogram HAZ

gen stunted=.
replace stunted=0 if HAZ~=.
replace stunted=1 if HAZ<-200
svy: tab stunted

**child wasting calculation
codebook hw72
tab hw72 if hw72>9990,m
tab hw72 if hw72>9990,m nolabel
gen WAH=hw72
replace WAH=. if WAH>=9996
//histogram WAH
gen wasted=.
replace wasted=0 if WAH~=.
replace wasted=1 if WAH<-200
svy: tab wasted

**child underweight calculation
codebook hw71
tab hw71 if hw71>9990,m
tab hw71 if hw71>9990,m nolabel
gen WAZ=hw71
replace WAZ=. if WAZ>=9996
//histogram WAZ

gen underweight=.
replace underweight=0 if WAZ~=.
replace underweight=1 if WAZ<-200
svy: tab underweight

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