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Uganda 2006 - Vaccination coverage [message #12540] Sun, 11 June 2017 17:41 Go to next message
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Dear all,

I downloaded the Stata Uganda 2006 data. I calculated the vaccination coverage rates for the antigens in the survey (BCG, DTP, etc.). I am not getting the same results as in the report. And my numbers are much lower than the official report. For example, in the file I downloaded there are 1,303 children not vaccinated for DTP3 over the 1,573 12-23 months children. There is clearly an issue.

Is it possible that the data is not correct in the file?

Note that I also did the same calculation for the 2011 Uganda DHS and I was able to reproduce the same coverage rates as in the report except for Polio. But I understands there adjustments going on for polio due to the Polio 0 dose.

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Following is a response from DHS Senior Research Associate, Shireen Assaf:

Thank you for your question. The Stata code below will provide you with the correct estimates of vaccination coverage shown on page 140 for either source with the correct denominator of 1590 children. Note that for DPT there were the standard DHS variables of h3, h5, and h8 but also country specific variables of sdh1, sdh2, sdh3.

** Stata code for vaccination coverage in Uganda 2006 survey **

              gen age = v008 - b3

               gen dpt=0
               replace dpt=1 if h3>0 & h3<8 & h5>0 & h5<8 & h7>0 & h7<8
               replace dpt=1 if sdh1>0 & sdh1<8 & sdh2>0 & sdh2<8 & sdh3>0 & sdh3<8
               replace dpt=. if age<12 | age>23 | b5==0
               gen measles=(h9==1|h9==2|h9==3)
               replace measles = . if age<12 | age>23 | b5==0
               gen polio=0
               replace polio=1 if h4>0 & h4<8 & h6>0 & h6<8 & h8>0 & h8<8
               replace polio = . if age<12 | age>23 | b5==0
               gen bcg=0
               replace bcg=1 if h2>0 & h2<8
               replace bcg = . if age<12 | age>23 | b5==0

               gen vaccine=0
               replace vaccine=1 if polio==1 & dpt==1 & measles==1 & bcg==1
               replace vaccine = . if age<12 | age>23 | b5==0
               gen wt= v005/1000000

               tab bcg [iw=wt]
               *matches 90.5% for BCG in report
               tab dpt [iw=wt]
               *matches 63.9% for all three doses of DPT in report
               tab measles [iw=wt]
               *matches 68.1% for measles in report
               tab polio [iw=wt]
               *matches 59.3% for all three doses of polio in report
               tab vaccine [iw=wt]
               *matches 46.2% for all basic vaccinations in report

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