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Calculate Nepal 2011 stillbirth using pregnancy history information [message #11902] Mon, 27 February 2017 19:54 Go to next message
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Dear DHS forum,

I was trying to calculate total number of stillbirth using Nepal DHS dada 2011 (NPIR60FL.dta) using pregnancy history information. I used similar approach you previously used for Nepal DHS 2001. But my number does not match the number as appeared as 53 stillbirth and 5444 total pregnancy 7+ month' gestation. Here is the code I used to calculate stillbirth.

use "C:NPIR60FL.DTA"

keep caseid v214 v219 v220 v223 v225 v228 v229 v230 v231 v233 v001 v002 v003 v005 v008 v011 v013 ///
v017 v018 v019 v021 v022 v023 pidx97_* bord92_* pord97_* bidx97_* b0_* b1_* b2_* b3_* b4_* b5_* b6_* ///
b7_* b8_* b9_* b10_* b11_* b12_* b13_* b15_* b16_* s216_* s216b_* s217_* s228_* s220ab_* s220a_* ///
s220c_* sprego_* s226m_* s227_* s226c_* s229_* vcal_* m1_* m4_* m10_* m13_* m14_* m15_* m17_* m18_* ///
m46_* m45_* m34_* m3a_* m3b_* m3c_* m3d_* m3e_* m3f_* m3g_* m3h_* m3i_* m3j_* m3k_* m3l_* m3m_* m3n_* ///
v102 v168 v012 v502 v155 v463a v463b v463e v463f v463g v463x v024 sdevreg v212 v364 v206 v207 v717 v731 ///
v106 v705 v729 v130 v113 v116 v161 v158 v157 v159 v113 v116 v119 v120 v121 v123 v127 v153 v190 caseid v001 ///
v002 v003 v005 v008 v011 v013 v017 v018 v019 v021 v022 v023 v024 v*
rename *_0* *_*
reshape long pidx97_ pord97_ bord92_ bidx97_ b0_ b1_ b2_ b3_ b4_ b5_ b6_ b7_ b8_ b9_ b10_ b11_ b12_ b13_ b15_ ///
b16_ s216_ s216b_ s217_ s226m_ s227_ s228_ sprego_ s220ab_ s220a_ s226c_ s220c_ s229_ vcal_ m1_ m4_ m10_ m13_ ///
m14_ m15_ m17_ m18_ m46_ m45_ m34_ m3a_ m3b_ m3c_ m3d_ m3e_ m3f_ m3g_ m3h_ m3i_ m3j_ m3k_ m3l_ m3m_ m3n_, i(caseid) j(p)
drop if pidx97_==.
rename pidx97_ pidx
rename bord92_ bord
rename bidx97_ bidx
rename s*_ s*
rename b*_ p*
rename vcal_ vcal

keep if (v008-p3)<=59| (v008-s226c)<=59

tab s220ab s216 [iw=v005/1000000],m

replace s216=1 if s220ab==. & s216==2

replace s216=3 if s220ab==3 & s216==2

keep if s220ab == . | s220ab >= 7
recode s216 (1=1 "Live birth")(2/3=2 "Stillbirth"), gen(type)
tab type
tab type [iw=v005/1000000]

Can you please advise me what wrong did I do in the above command? because I do not want to use calendar information to calculate stillbirth. (I would like to apply similar approach you used to calculate stillbirth for 2001 Nepal dhs data)

Thank you so much.

Warm regards

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First, you cannot mix the p, b, and m variables all together in the reshape. The p series are all pregnancies, including non-live births. The b series are only live births, and the m series are only live births in the last 5 years. While the b and m series are actually in parallel, the p series of variables are not so reshape does not work to combine these.

See amp;goto=8646&#msg_8646 and the other messages in this thread.
Re: Calculate Nepal 2011 stillbirth using pregnancy history information [message #16091 is a reply to message #12105] Sat, 03 November 2018 05:33 Go to previous message
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Ajit Yadav here in I working on women file and try to estimates Number of pregnancies with an ultrasound tested and Number of pregnancies.

Percentage of all pregnancies to women age 15-49 in the five years preceding the survey for which an ultrasound test was done and percent distribution of pregnancies with an ultrasound test by pregnancy outcome, according to background characteristics, India, 2015-16 table 8.12 In India DHS-4 but i don't find how to do please help me....
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