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Dear sir,
I am trying to calculate duration of breastfeeding for under five years old children by using KR data file of Myanmar DHS (2015 - 2016). I would like to know how could I calculate for following information

Breastfeeding status (for children under age 2 who are living with their mother)
□ Not breastfeeding □ Exclusively breastfeed
□ Breastfeeding and consuming plain water only
□ Breastfeeding and consuming non-milk liquids
□ Breastfeeding and consuming other milk
□ Breastfeeding and consuming complementary foods

Duration of breastfeeding (among children born in the 3 years preceding the survey)
□ Exclusive breastfeeding
□ Any breastfeeding
□ Predominant breastfeeding
Could I receive Spss tutorial for above information calculation? I use guide of DHS program, however, I cannot calculate for this. I am not very much expert in Spss and statistic knowledge. Please help me. I am trouble with this.


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Re: calculation of exclusive breastfeeding [message #23758 is a reply to message #23757] Thu, 25 November 2021 10:37 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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See for example code for the indicators in the Guide to DHS Statistics. Go to Chap11_NT and see the code provided there.
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Interesting how breastfeeding is the only area of research of which I'm aware that reverses the findings.

In any other research, the biological norm is assumed to be the benchmark, and deviations from the biological norm are measured in impact. Instead, we assume formula feeding as the benchmark and measure the biological norm in terms of its deviation from formula feeding.

By which I mean - breastfeeding does not enhance development. It is the biological norm. Formula feeding inhibits neurological development.
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Hello Trevor,

I am calculating the exclusive breastfeeding among <6 months using Indonesia 2017 datasets.

I used the following commends.

use IDKR71FL

gen wgt=v005/1000000

* Last child in the last 2 years living with mother
* age in months
gen age = v008-b3
* drop if too old or not alive
keep if b19<6 & b5==1
* recode age into groups
* keep only those children living with mother ...
keep if b9==0
* ... and keep the last born of those
drop if _n > 0 & caseid == caseid[_n-1]
* check the deonimnator
tab age [iw=wgt]

* breastfeeding status.

gen water=0
gen liquids=0
gen milk=0
gen solids=0
gen breast=0

* Water
replace water=1 if (v409>=1 & v409<=8)

* Other non-milk liquids
* check for country specific liquids
foreach xvar of varlist v410 v412c v413* {
replace liquids=1 if `xvar'>=1 & `xvar'<=8

* Powdered or tinned milk, formula, fresh milk
foreach xvar of varlist v411 v411a {
replace milk=1 if `xvar'>=1 & `xvar'<=8

* Solid food
* check for country specific foods
foreach xvar of varlist v412a v414* {
replace solids=1 if `xvar'>=1 & `xvar'<=8

* Still breastfeeding
replace breast=1 if m4==95

tab1 water liquids milk solids breast

* Generate column variable used in table 11.3
gen feeding=1
replace feeding=2 if water==1
replace feeding=3 if liquids==1
replace feeding=4 if milk==1
replace feeding=5 if solids==1
replace feeding=0 if breast==0
tab feeding,m

label define feeding 0 "Not breastfeeding" 1 "exclusive breastfeeding" 2 "+Water" 3 "+Liquids" 4 "+Other Milk" 5 "+Solids"
label val feeding feeding

tab feeding [iw=wgt]

However, I found that my result is a little different with the report. I got 51.3% while the report revealed 51.5%.

Could you please guide me further. Thanks

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Re: calculation of exclusive breastfeeding [message #27217 is a reply to message #27045] Fri, 30 June 2023 16:04 Go to previous message
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Following is a response from DHS staff member, Tom Pullum:

We apologize for the delay in this reply. We cannot go through your code in detail. I can see a problem at the beginning, with "gen age=v008-b3" and "keep if age<6 & b5==1". In these files, age in months should be defined by hw1. It does not have to be recalculated. "Born in the last two years and living" would be "keep if hw1<24 & b5==1". I assume that the rest of the code is taken correctly from the Guide to DHS Statistics or the relevant codeshare program.
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