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Sierra Leone 2017 MICS6 [message #25817] Wed, 14 December 2022 14:36 Go to next message
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I am trying to generate IYCF indicators for Sierra Leone 2017 MICS Table TC.7.7: Infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices, minimum dietary diversity, minimum meal frequency and minimum acceptable diet correct estimates are generated for currently breastfeeding and atleast 2 milk feeds for currently not breastfeeding, but minimum meal frequency estimates generated are very close to table ones for among all but not for currently not breastfeeding, minimum dietary diversity estimates are not correct for both currently not breastfeeding and among all, I am trying to troubleshoot and understand how same definition is working for breastfeeding but not for currently not breastfeeding and among all although total (N) coming is correct.

For MICS surveys for duration of breastfeeding there are two variables 1) ever been breastfed 2) still being breastfed as per my understanding from Nigeria surveys still being is currently breastfeeding and ever been breastfed is currently not breastfeeding although for MICS 2010 I used only still being breastfed and got correct estimates for both current and not currently breastfed children would like your suggestion for this.

Following is the code I used:

** keep youngest child if under 24 **
keep if CAGE < 24

//currently breastfed
gen bf_curr= BD3==1
label values bf_curr yesno
label var bf_curr "Currently breastfeeding"

*** Foods and Liquids consumed ***

** Liquids**

//Given infant formula
gen inf_formula= BD7D==1
label values inf_formula yesno
label var inf_formula "Child given infant formula"

//Given other milk, including fresh, tinned, and powdered animal milk
gen othr_milk= BD7E==1
label values othr_milk yesno
label var othr_milk "Child given other milk"

//Given other liquids, including juice, juice drinks, clear broth, or other non-milk liquids. Does not include plain water
gen othr_liquids= BD7B==1 | BD7C==1 | BD7X==1
label values othr_liquids yesno
label var othr_liquids "Child given other liquids"

** Solid or Semi-Solid foods**

//Given fortified baby food
gen forti_bbyfood= BD8B==1
label values forti_bbyfood yesno
label var forti_bbyfood "Child given fortified baby food"

//Given grains
gen grains= BD8C==1
label values grains yesno
label var grains "Child given grains"

//Given Vit A rich foods
gen vita= BD8D==1 | BD8F==1 | BD8G==1
label values vita yesno
label var vita "Child given vitamin A rich food"

//Given other fruits and vegetables
gen othr_frtveg= BD8H==1
label values othr_frtveg yesno
label var othr_frtveg "Child given other fruits or vegetables"

//Given roots and tubers
gen root_tubers= BD8E==1
label values root_tubers yesno
label var root_tubers "Child given roots or tubers"

//Given legumes or nuts
gen legumes_nuts= BD8M==1
label values legumes_nuts yesno
label var legumes_nuts "Child given legumes or nuts"

//Given meat, fish, shellfish, or poultry
gen meatfish= BD8I==1 | BD8J==1 | BD8L==1
label values meatfish yesno
label var meatfish "Child given meat, fish, shellfish, or poultry"

//Given eggs
gen eggs= BD8K==1
label values eggs yesno
label var eggs "Child given eggs"

//Given dairy
gen dairy= BD8A==1 | BD8N==1
label values dairy yesno
label var dairy "Child given cheese, yogurt, or other milk products"

//Given other solid or semi-solid foods
gen solids= forti_bbyfood==1 | grains==1 | vita==1 | othr_frtveg==1 | root_tubers==1 | legumes_nuts==1 | meatfish==1 | eggs==1 | dairy==1 | BD8X==1
label values solids yesno
label var solids "Child given any solid or semisolid food"

*** Minimum feeding indicators ***

//Fed milk or milk products
gen milkf = 0
replace milkf=milkf + BD7D1 if BD7D1<8
replace milkf=milkf + BD7E1 if BD7E1<8
replace milkf=milkf + BD8A1 if BD8A1<8
gen fed_milk= ( milkf>=2 | BD3==1) if inrange(CAGE,6,23)
label values fed_milk yesno
label var fed_milk "Child given milk or milk products"

//Min dietary diversity
* 8 food groups

*1. breastmilk
gen group1= BD3==1

*2. foods made from grains, roots, tubers, and bananas/plantains, including porridge and fortified baby food from grains
gen group2= grains==1 | root_tubers==1 | forti_bbyfood==1

*3. legumes and nuts
gen group3= legumes_nuts==1

*4. infant formula, milk other than breast milk, cheese or yogurt or other milk products
gen group4= inf_formula==1 | othr_milk==1 | dairy==1

*5. meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish (and organ meats)
gen group5= meatfish==1

*6. eggs
gen group6= eggs==1

*7. vitamin A-rich fruits and vegetables
gen group7= vita==1

*8. other fruits and vegetables
gen group8= othr_frtveg==1

* add the food groups
egen foodsum = rsum(group1 group2 group3 group4 group5 group6 group7 group8)
recode foodsum (1/4 .= 0 "No") (5/8=1 "Yes"), gen(mdd)
replace mddnew=. if CAGE<6
label values mdd yesno
label var mdd "Child with minimum dietary diversity, 5 out of 8 food groups-among children 6-23 months"

//Min meal frequency
gen feedings=milkf
replace feedings= feedings + BD9 if BD9>0 & BD9<8
gen mmf = (BD3==1 & inrange(BD9,2,7) & inrange(CAGE,6,8)) | (BD3==1 & inrange(BD9,3,7) & inrange(CAGE,9,23)) | (BD3!=1 & feedings>=4 & inrange(CAGE,6,23))
replace mmf=. if CAGE<6
label values mmf yesno
label var mmf "Child with minimum meal frequency- 6-23 months"

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ollowing is a response from DHS Lead Nutrition Research Associate, Rukundo Benedict:

Dear User,

Thank you for sharing your code. You are on the right track and most of your code is correct. Below I've indicated the changes you need to make to your code to have it match table 11.6.

1. You didn't define mdd4 (or else you didn't include in what you shared). So edit as follows:

*Among breastfed & Non-breastfed

*3+ food groups for breastfed children & 4+ groups nonbreastfed

egen foodsum = rsum(group1 group2 group3 group4 group5 group6 group7 group8)
recode foodsum (1/2 .=0 "No") (3/8=1 "Yes"), gen(mdd3)
recode foodsum (1/3 .=0 "No") (4/8=1 "Yes"), gen(mdd4)
replace mdd3=. if age<6
replace mdd4=. if age<6
label values mdd3 yesno
label var mdd3 "Child with minimum dietary diversity, 3 out of 8 food groups- last-born 6-23 months"
label values mdd4 yesno
label var mdd4 "Child with minimum dietary diversity, 4 out of 8 food groups- last-born 6-23 months"
2. I made a small edit for how to count mmf among non-breastfeeding infants and deleted some of your code

//Min meal frequency
*Minimum times or more (at least twice a day for breastfed infants 6-8 months and at least three times a day for breastfed children 9-23 months)

gen feedings=milkf
replace feedings= feedings + m39 if m39>0 & m39<8
gen mmf = (m4==95 & inrange(m39,2,7) & inrange(age,6,8)) | (m4==95 & inrange(m39,3,7) & inrange(age,9,23)) | (m4!=95 & inrange(m39,4,7) & inrange(age,6,23))
replace mmf=. if age<6
label values mmf yesno
label var mmf "Child with minimum meal frequency- last-born 6-23 months"
3. Your code for milk and milk products for non-breastfed children was not correct and you should use the following:
gen milk_milkp= group3 if inrange(age,6,23) & bf_curr==0
4. To calculate breastmilk or milk products among all children, I used some of your milkf code and edited. You should use the following:

gen milkf = 0
replace milkf=milkf + v411 if v411==1
replace milkf=milkf + v411a if v411a==1
replace milkf=milkf + v414p if v414p==1
gen fed_milk= ( milkf>=2 | m4==95|milk_milkp) if inrange(age,6,23)
label values fed_milk yesno
label var fed_milk "Child given breastmilk or milk products"

As a side note, depending on your analyses, you may want to consider using the most recent definitions of the WHO-UNICEF IYCF indicators The pdf includes some also template code for how to calculate/re-calculate these indicators. You can also review the DHS Program git-hub site which has code for how to re-calculate MDD (5 out of 8 food groups).

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