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Anthropometric variables [message #22816] Sat, 15 May 2021 12:44 Go to next message
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I have to get the anthropometric variables (Weight-for-height/WASTING, Weight-for-Age/UNDER-WEIGHT, Height-for-age/STUNTING).

Can someone please have a look and let me know if the commands are correct to these anthropometric variables.

I am working on the file PKPR71FL.DTA for Pakistan.

*hc72 =Weight/Height standard deviation (new WHO)

keep if hv103==1
keep if (hc1>=0 & hc1<=59)
keep if (hc72<9990 )
*tab hv024 [iweight=hv005]

replace hc72=hc72/100
format %35.2g hc72

gen wh2 =0
replace wh2=100 if hc72<-2
gen wa3 =0
replace wh3=100 if hc72<-3
format wh2 wh3 hc72 %6.1f
*table hv024 [aweight=hv005], c (mean wa3 mean wa2 mean hc72) row

*hc71 =Weight/Height standard deviation (new WHO)

keep if hv103==1
keep if (hc1>=0 & hc1<=59)
keep if (hc71<9990 )
*tab region [iweight=hv005]

replace hc71=hc71/100
format %35.2g hc71

gen wa2 =0
replace wa2=100 if hc71<-2

gen wa3 =0
replace wa3=100 if hc71<-3

gen wap2 =0
replace wap2=100 if hc71>2
format wa2 wa3 wap2 hc71 %6.1f


keep if hv103==1
keep if (hc1>=0 & hc1<=59)
keep if (hc70<9990 )
*tab region [iweight=hv005]

replace hc70=hc70/100
format %35.2g hc70

gen ha2 =0
replace ha2=100 if hc70<-2

format ha2 %6.1f
*table region [aweight=hv005], c (mean wa2) row
Re: Anthropometric variables [message #22832 is a reply to message #22816] Mon, 17 May 2021 09:13 Go to previous message
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Following is a response from DHS Research & Data Analysis Director, Tom Pullum:

In the first place where you have "wa3=0, there is a typo. You should have "wh3=0". However, there are several other things I would modify. You seem to be using "keep" in situations where it would be better to use the NA code, rather than dropping cases. You have to be very careful about the impact of dropping cases on the remainder of the program. Avoid inventing variable names such as "wa3". Here's how I would get "stunted", for example:

gen stunted=.
replace stunted=0 if hc70<9990
replace stunted=1 if hc70<-200

This is ok because hc70-hc72 have already been forced to be in the ranges -600 to +600, etc. Otherwise your recode would have to use the legal limits for the Z scores.

Perhaps the most important problem is that "overweight" would be correctly indicated by high values of hc72, rather than hc71. This may seem counter-intuitive, but that's how it's defined.

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