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Maternal Mortality in Liberia [message #26869] Fri, 12 May 2023 22:24 Go to next message
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I am using the Liberia Demographic and Health Survey (LDHS) 2019-20 dataset for my doctoral study. I need the SPSS or Excel file that provide answers to the questionnaires 1219-1221 under the maternal mortality module where sisters were interview to list siblings who died during pregnancy, childbirth or 42 days after the end of pregnancy. I need that information to run analysis for my independent variable of sisters who died and those who survived maternity during five years before the LDHS 2019-20.
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Following is a response from DHS staff member, Tom Pullum:

The data are in the women's (IR) file, LBIR7A. An SPSS version of a program to calculate adult and maternal mortality rates and ratios is on our GitHub site ( The rates have been calculated and are on STATcompiler (with an interval of 7 years, rather than 5). General information about the data is in the Guide to DHS Statistics ( x.cfm). DHS has published some Methodological Reports on the sibling histories. Note that we do not recommend subnational estimates or multivariate analysis because the covariates in the survey, such as education, parity, wealth quintile, etc., are characteristics of the respondent and do not necessarily describe her sisters.
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I have tried to navigate the links provided but too technical for me. In layman's term, I need simple SPSS file where the answers to respondents about their dead siblings who were 12 years and above who died in maternity. How many sisters reported died, how many sisters interviewed who were pregnant during the interview and how many interviewees responded to the questions about their siblings who died?
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Following is a response from DHS staff member, Tom Pullum:

I think the best way to help you is by providing an "SR" file for this survey. Beginning with DHS-8, sibling histories--with one record for each sibling--are being prepared for each survey that includes sibling histories. The Liberia 2019-20 survey was not DHS-8, but I constructed an SR file using the IR file and the following Stata lines:

use "...LBIR7AFL.DTA", clear 

* find which mm variables are present and get the labels
describe mm*_01

keep v001 v002 v003 v005 v008 mm*_*
drop mmidx* mmc*
rename *_0* *_*
reshape long mm1_ mm2_ mm3_ mm4_ mm5_ mm6_ mm7_ mm8_ mm9_ mm10_ mm11_ mm12_ mm13_ mm14_ mm15_ mm16_, i(v001 v002 v003) j(mmidx)
rename *_ *
drop if mm1==.

* re-attach the value labels, for those mm variables that have value labels
local lnumbers 1 2 3 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 15 16
foreach ln of local lnumbers {
label values mm`ln' MM`ln'_01

* re-attach the variable labels
label variable mmidx "index to maternal mortality"
label variable mm1  "sex of sibling"
label variable mm2  "survival status of sibling"
label variable mm3  "sibling's current age"
label variable mm4  "sibling's date of birth (cmc)"
label variable mm5  "na - sibling's marital status"
label variable mm6  "years since sibling died"
label variable mm7  "sibling's age at death"
label variable mm8  "date of death of sibling (cmc)"
label variable mm9  "sibling's death and pregnancy"
label variable mm10 "na - death and a pregnancy are related"
label variable mm11 "na - cause of death sibling"
label variable mm12 "amount of time between sibling's delivery and death"
label variable mm13 "na - place of sibling's death"
label variable mm14 "na - number of sibling's children"
label variable mm15 "na - sibling's year of death"
label variable mm16 "sibling's death due to violence or accident"

* drop mm variables that are na for this survey (could do this earlier)
drop mm5 mm10 mm11 mm13 mm14 mm15

order v* mm*

* set up a workspace
cd e:\DHS\DHS_data\scratch

save LBSR7AFL.dta, replace

We will send you this Stata data file as an email attachment (you have been approved for access to the data from this survey). You should be able to import the file into SPSS, including all the labels. We cannot help with the analysis of the data.

The final report on this survey includes estimates of adult and maternal mortality rates. You can find UN estimates of maternal mortality for all countries of the world by entering "maternal mortality MMEIG" in your browser, and UN estimates of adult mortality with "adult mortality WPP". The UN estimates for DHS countries are largely based on DHS data, but with adjustments. If your interest is in levels and trends in adult and maternal mortality, the UN estimates are preferable.

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