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I am working on the IYCF indicators for India, however, I am having a challenge with analysing minimum meal frequency for non-breastfed children.
I am using stata, and this are my input:

/*minimum meal frequency 6-23 months non-breastfed*/
/*ptfmilk-powder milk*/
gen ptfmilk=1 if (v469e>=1 & v469e<=7)
label value ptfmilk ptfmilk
label variable ptfmilk "ptfmilk"

/*formular food*/
gen formula=1 if (v469f>=1 & v469f<=7)
label value formula formula
label variable formula "formula"

gen yogurt=1 if (v469x>=1 & v469x<=7)
label value yogurt yogurt
label variable yogurt "yogurt"

egen milkfood = rsum(ptfmilk formula yogurt) if ptfmilk~=.| formula~=.| yogurt~=.
label variable milkfood "milkfood"

recode milkfood (1/3=1 "1-3")(else=0), gen(milk1)
recode milkfood (2/3=1 "2-3")(else=0), gen(milk2)
recode milkfood (3/3=1 "3-3")(else=0), gen(milk3)

rename m39 mealfrequency

/*milkmf-milk and meal frequency of solid, semi-solid or soft food*/
egen milkmf1 = rsum(milk1 mealfrequency) if milk1~=.| mealfrequency>=3
label variable milkmf1 "milkmf1"

egen milkmf2 = rsum(milk2 mealfrequency) if milk2~=.| mealfrequency>=2
label variable milkmf2 "milkmf2"

egen milkmf3 = rsum(milk3 mealfrequency) if milk3~=.| mealfrequency>=1
label variable milkmf3 "milkmf3"

gen nbmmf=0
replace nbmmf=1 if milkmf1==1|milkmf2==1|milkmf3==1

I also would like to confirm my Stata codes for minimum acceptable diet for non breastfed

/* Non-breastfed minimum aceptable diet(nbmad)*/
/*dietary diversity for non-breastfed for assessing minimum aceptable diet*/
egen dietindCmad = rsum(grains legumes fleshf vitama ofruits eggs) if grains~=.| legumes~=.|fleshf~=.| vitama~=.| ofruits~=.| eggs~=.
label variable dietindC "minimum dietary diversity mad"
recode dietindCmad (1/3 .=0 "No") (4/6=1 "Yes"), gen(MDD4)

/*Milk food*/
gen milkpowder=0
replace milkpowder=1 if v469e>=2
gen infantformular=0
replace infantformular=1 if v469f>=2
gen yogurt_milk=0
replace yogurt_milk=1 if v469x>=2
gen milkfeeds=0
replace milkfeeds=1 if milkpowder==1 | yogurt_milk==1 |infantformular==1

gen stoppedbreastfeed=0
replace stoppedbreastfeed=1 if m4==93
replace stoppedbreastfeed=1 if m4==94

gen nbmad=0
replace nbmad=1 if milkfeeds==1 & MDD4==1 & nbmmf6_23==1
replace nbmad=0 if milkfeeds==0 & MDD4==0 & nbmmf6_23==0

I look forward to your kind response

Warm regards,
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