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Merging KR with PR for Ethiopia 2011 [message #14997] Thu, 24 May 2018 10:56 Go to next message
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Dear DHS Experts,

I am trying to replicate Table 10.7 Prevalence of diarrhoea in Ethiopia's 2011 report. However, I am having troubles merging PR dataset with KR. I have tried different ways but none of them works. I copied my codes as below.

use "/Ethiopia/2011/ETPR61DT/ETPR61FL.DTA", clear
keep hv001 hv002 hvidx hv201 hv205 hv225
rename hv001 v001
rename hv002 v002
rename hvidx b16
sort v001 v002 b16
save "/Ethiopia/2011/ETKR61DT/ETkKR61FLdiarrhoea.dta", replace

use "/Ethiopia/2011/ETKR61DT/ETKR61FL.DTA", clear
keep v001 v002 b16 v005 v008 b3 b5 h11 h11b v024 v025
sort v001 v002 b16
merge v001 v002 b16 using "/Ethiopia/2011/ETPR61DT/ETPR61FLdiarrhoea.dta"

Stata reports that the variables don't uniquely identify observations. If that's the case, which variables should I use instead? Thanks in advance!

Yue Chen
Re: Merging KR with PR for Ethiopia 2011 [message #15193 is a reply to message #14997] Thu, 14 June 2018 12:02 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Please reference the response to a similar post: 15192

Re: Merging KR with PR for Ethiopia 2011 [message #15378 is a reply to message #14997] Sun, 08 July 2018 23:04 Go to previous message
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If I am understanding correctly, you want to merge the KR and PR files for Ethiopia 2011 to replicate the categories in Table 10.7 of the final report, with information on diarrhea from the KR files and household characteristics taken from the PR files. A simpler approach, in my opinion, is simply to merge the household record for the child's mother to the KR file. IPUMS-DHS has already done this for you; for the KR (child) and BR (birth) files, we have merged the mother's record from the IR file and the mother's household record. Thus, you can get all the variables you need if you choose "children" as your unit of analysis and select the following variables in IPUMS-DHS:

Child's age in months: HW1 (KIDAGEMO) s_section
Child's sex: B4 (KIDSEX) section
HH source of drinking water: HV201 (DRINKWTR): s_section
Type of HH toilet facility: HV205 (TOILETTYPE): des_section
Toilet facility shared: HV225 (TOILETSHAREYN); #codes_section
Urban-rural residence: V025 (Urban) ection
Region of residence: V101_ET2011 (GEO_ET2011): des_section
Mother's education: V106 (EDUCLVL): _section
Household wealth quintile: V190 (WEALTHQ): _section
Child had recent diarrhea: H11 (DIARRECENT): des_section
Blood in child's stools: H11B (DIABLOODST) des_section
Weight: V005 (PERWEIGHT) es_section

When you merge the PR and KR data, you have to drop the cases of children not included in the KR file, anyway. The only possible problem that I see is that some of the background variables (on urban residence, region of residence, and wealth quintiles) use the variable from the IR file, rather than the variable from the linked household file, so you may get some results with "non-resident" as a code in your results, which are not in the table. We're planning on adding the household-based version of those variables to the IPUMS-DHS data for women, children, and births by Fall.

You can make a customized data file from IPUMS-DHS ( by logging in with your DHS user name and password, selecting the above variables and ET2011 as a sample for a customized dataset, selecting your preferred data format, and downloading the customized (free) data file to your computer for analysis. You will have to do some recoding of the variable on type of toilet facility, but that would be the case with the original DHS files as well.

I hope this helps.

Miriam King

Dr. Miriam King
IPUMS-DHS Project Manager (
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