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Stata code for mean duration of insusceptibility [message #11901] Mon, 27 February 2017 17:57 Go to next message
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Has anyone Stata code to compute mean durations as published in "Table 5.6 Postpartum amenorrhoea, abstinence, and insusceptibility" ?

I am trying - and failing- to replicate the mean duration of postpartum insusceptibility, using the description in the guide to DHS statistics (p.75). The distribution of births and percentages I get are slightly different from the ones published, and my mean duration tends to be 1-2 months lower.



Bruno Schoumaker
Centre for Demographic Research
Université catholique de Louvain
Re: Stata code for mean duration of insusceptibility [message #11981 is a reply to message #11901] Wed, 15 March 2017 09:03 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Trevor-DHS is currently offline  Trevor-DHS
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Hi Bruno,

I don't know of Stata code for this, but I can share the CSPro code that is used for this, and perhaps you can work it out from that code. We might also have some SPSS code - I'll check these out and send them to you.

Cheers. Trevor
Re: Stata code for mean duration of insusceptibility [message #13576 is a reply to message #11981] Wed, 22 November 2017 03:41 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Michaelo is currently offline  Michaelo
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Thanks Trevor. I will appreciate it much if could kindly share with the SPSS codes for the computation of percentage of births for which mothers are postpartum amenorrhoeic, abstaining, and insusceptible, by number of months since birth, and mean duration. I am using the Ghana dataset and would wish to observe the patterns as per some population sub groups.

Re: Stata code for mean duration of insusceptibility [message #13870 is a reply to message #11901] Tue, 16 January 2018 15:27 Go to previous messageGo to next message
kbietsch is currently offline  kbietsch
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Has anyone written the stata code?

I have this for % postpartum amenorrhoeic, abstaining, and overall insusceptible

clear all
use GHKR72FL.DTA, clear

* age of child
gen months = v008-b3

* keeping young and droppin first of multipe births
keep if months <=35 & b0!=1

* //postpartum amenorrheic from most recent birth (midx=1).
gen ppa=.
replace ppa=1 if midx==1 & v405==1
replace ppa=0 if ppa==.
* //abstaining since most recent birth (midx=1).
gen abst=.
replace abst=1 if midx==1 & v406==1
replace abst=0 if abst==.
* // postpartum amenorrheic or abstaining since most recent birth (midx=1).
gen insus=.
replace insus=1 if midx==1 & (ppa==1 | abst==1)
replace insus=0 if insus==.

gen weight=v005/1000000
gen idnum = v021
gen statid =v022

svyset idnum [pw=weight], strata(statid) singleunit(scaled)

svy: mean ppa
svy: mean abst
svy: mean insus

************************************************************ ***********
To try and calculate mean time insusceptible, I referred to the Guide to DHS statistics

I assigned each person into their 2 month window and collapsed the data
gen month2=.

replace month2=0 if months==0 | months==1
replace month2=2 if months==2 | months==3
replace month2=4 if months==4 | months==5
replace month2=6 if months==6 | months==7
replace month2=8 if months==8 | months==9
replace month2=10 if months==10 | months==11
replace month2=12 if months==12 | months==13
replace month2=14 if months==14 | months==15
replace month2=16 if months==16 | months==17
replace month2=18 if months==18 | months==19
replace month2=20 if months==20 | months==21
replace month2=22 if months==22 | months==23
replace month2=24 if months==24 | months==25
replace month2=26 if months==26 | months==27
replace month2=28 if months==28 | months==29
replace month2=30 if months==30 | months==31
replace month2=32 if months==32 | months==33
replace month2=34 if months==34 | months==35

collapse (sum) ppa abst insus [aw=v005] , by(month2)

I then created a width variable:
gen width=.
replace width=.75 if _n==1
replace width=1.75 if _n==2
replace width= 2 if width==.

But like Bruno, I am still about 2 months lower than the report. Any ideas?
Re: Stata code for mean duration of insusceptibility [message #14678 is a reply to message #13870] Fri, 27 April 2018 16:58 Go to previous message
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Dear User,
Do you still need help with this post?
Thank you!
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