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Exclusive breastfeeding Burkina Faso 2003 Survey [message #12708] Mon, 03 July 2017 07:39
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Dear DHS, users,
I am trying to come out with the exclusive breastfeeding statistics from the Burkina Faso 2003 DHS data. Unfortunately I have adapt some stata code lines (that give the right statistics using the 2010 survey) but my results do not match the report statistics.

here is the "code" i have find in the forum and adapt (relative to my understanding)

gen age1 =v008-b3
* recode age into groups
recode age1 (0/1=1 "0-1")(2/3=2 "2-3")(4/5=3 "4-5")(6/8=4 "6-8")(9/11=5 "9-11") ///
(12/17=6 "12-17")(18/23=7 "18-23")(24/59=.), gen(child_age)
* tab of all living children born in the last 2 years
tab child_age [iw=wt]

tab child_age [iw=wt] if b9==0 & midx==1

*Breastfeeding status.

gen water=0 if b9==0 & midx==1
gen liquids=0 if b9==0 & midx==1
gen milk=0 if b9==0 & midx==1
gen solids=0 if b9==0 & midx==1
gen breast1=0 if b9==0 & midx==1

* Water
replace water=1 if (v470a>=1 & v470a<=7) & b9==0 & midx==1

* Other non-milk liquids
* check for country specific liquids
foreach xvar of varlist m40c m40l {
replace liquids=1 if `xvar'>=1 & `xvar'<=7 & b9==0 & midx==1

* Powdered or tinned milk, formula, fresh milk
foreach xvar of varlist m40h m40f v470h{
replace milk=1 if `xvar'>=1 & `xvar'<=7 & b9==0 & midx==1

* Solid food
* check for country specific foods
foreach xvar of varlist m40m m40n m40o m40p m40q m40r m40s m40u m40v m40w m40x m40y {
replace solids=1 if `xvar'>=1 & `xvar'<=7 & b9==0 & midx==1

* Still breastfeeding
replace breast1=1 if m4==95 & b9==0 & midx==1

tab1 water liquids milk solids breast

* Generate column variable used in table 11.3
gen feeding=1 if b9==0 & midx==1
replace feeding=2 if water==1 & b9==0 & midx==1
replace feeding=3 if liquids==1 & b9==0 & midx==1
replace feeding=4 if milk==1 & b9==0 & midx==1
replace feeding=5 if solids==1 & b9==0 & midx==1
replace feeding=0 if breast1==0 & b9==0 & midx==1
tab feeding,m

label define feeding ///
0 "Not breastfeeding" 1 "Exclusive breastfeeding" ///
2 "+Water" 3 "+Liquids" ///
4 "+Other Milk" 5 "+Solids"
label val feeding feeding

tab child_age feeding [iw=wt] if child_age <= 3, row

gen excl_breast=1 if feeding==1
replace excl_breast=0 if feeding!=1

tab excl_breast if child_age <= 3 [iw=wt]

label define excl_breast ///
0 "Not Exclusive breastfeeding" ///
1 "Exclusive breastfeeding"
label val excl_breast excl_breast

Thanks for your support!!!!!!!!

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